Please note!   Workshops #20-22 down below were not listed in the printed AALC brochure.  Those who have registered or plan to do so, should look at these additional workshops carefully to determine your workshop preferences.   Also, please note that workshops #9, 12, and 17 have been cancelled.   Thanks! 

Workshops will be 75 minutes in length and will be scheduled either on Tuesday afternoon, March 25, or on Wednesday morning, March 26 (exact scheduling of workshops listed below).  However, the “extended workshops” will be 3 hours in length and will all take place on Tuesday afternoon, March 25, from 1:30-4:30pm

Extended Workshops (1:30-4:30pm, Tuesday, March 25, 2008) 

 A.  “Emerging Into Mission: The Substance And Over Hype Of The Emerging Church”     –     What is an appropriate response to the emergent buzz over the last decade?  Join us, with the context of your city and community, in a conversation on emergence and mission.  (Eugene Cho, Quest Church/Q Cafe, Seattle, WA and Gideon Tsang, Vox Veniae, Austin, TX)

B.  “Leadership Development Among And For Southeast Asians”     –  In this workshop we will explore and share some collective thoughts in cultivating leaders among Southeast Asian Americans for both here in the states and abroad.  (Ken Sem Kong, The Southeast Asian Committee)

C.  “Biblical Justice In The Asian American Christian Context”     –  What does it mean for the Asian American Christian community to engage in Biblical Social Justice?  We will examine the social-historical context of American society, how the Scripture and Theological reflection speaks to that context and examine ways that the Asian American Christian community can demonstrate justice as an expression of evangelism and Biblical faith.  (Soong-Chan Rah, North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL)

D.  “The Academic/Scholar’s Ministry”     –  This track will discuss the means to entering into scholarship, doctoral work, writing, and teaching within the academic world.  We will discuss the latest biblical and theological issues that the Asian Church is facing and needing scholars to address in their work.  (Tim Tseng, ISACC, CA and Ben Shin, Talbot School of Theology, CA)

E.  “Developing A Leadership Development Program For Your Church Or Ministry”     –  This will be a hands-on time actually putting together a rough draft of a leadership program for your ministry.  Paul has developed a number of these programs within InterVarsity and will be sharing from his experiences to help each participant.  (Paul Tokunaga, Asian American Ministries Coordinator & Associate Dean of Leadership Development for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Atlanta, GA)


 Workshops (75 minutes long, either Tues afternoon, 3/25, or Wed morning, 3/26) (workshops #9, 12, and 17 cancelled)

1.  “The Ragtag Worship Band – How To Bring Out The Best From The Talent Within Your Fellowship”     –  Many ministry leaders struggle with the various limitations that seem to hinder their worship ministries.  Let’s discuss ways to make do (and do very well) with what you’ve got within your body of believers to best bring out the inner worship leader in each of them.  (Junko Cheng is a singer/songwriter who leads worship at Irvine Presbyterian Church and at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA.  Junko’s songs have been featured on Worship Leader Magazine’s SongDiscovery CD’s and are found in CCLI songs database.)

2.  “Getting Along With Your Foreign Born Senior Pastor”     –  Many English speaking Asian American ministers serve under a senior pastor who is from an Asian culture.  That can lead to misunderstanding and tension.  This workshop can give you some ideas not only to survive but to thrive.  (Steven Chin, senior pastor, Boston Chinese Evangelical Church)

3.  “A Move From Boring To Blessed:  Resourcing More Of God Into Our Ministries”     –  An interactive workshop to discover and utilize unique and unused God-give talents/skills/abilities in the kingdom for more effecitve ministry.  (Melanie Mar Chow, AACF Campus Minister, Leadership Team/USC)

4.  “Technology 101:  Practical Tools For Effective Ministry”     –  Learn how the latest technologies can be used for effective ministry.  We’ll cover the internet (website, blogging, podcasting, email newsletters) as well as equipment for audio, video, and lighting.  (DJ Chuang, L2 Foundation, Orange County, CA and Philip Kim, Nsoul Records, Sierra Madre, CA)

5.  “Opening Doors For The Next Generation”     –  Asian American churches are in desparate need of young, passionate, and equipped leaders to shepherd God’s people into the ‘not-too-distant’ future.  It is critical for Christian leaders to invest in the next generation NOW.  We will be sharing principles of life-on-life mentoring both through practical teachings and real time ‘dialogues’ between mentors and ‘mentorees’ to illustrate how these life-giving relationships can be powerful tools to unleash the gifts and callings of our emerging leaders.  (Melvin Fujikawa, Exec. Pastor and Andrew Huang, Youth Pastor, both from Christian Layman Church, Oakland, CA and Ron Sugimoto, Board Member, MESA)

6.  “Financial Solutions For Growing Churches”     –  The business practices of growing ministries need to grow with them, reflecting the same commitment to integrity, accountability, and maturity.  In this seminar, you’ll learn about the various financial resources and solutions that are available to meet the needs of growing churches.  Specifically:  –  Resources for effective cash management;   –  Resources for capital campaign management and stewardship;   –  Understanding what lenders expect from ministries;    –  Financing option for expanding ministries.   (James Han and Dennis Park, Evangelical Christian Credit Union, Fullerton, CA)

7.  “Soul Companioning For Leaders”     –  The spiritual journey is meant to be a communal journey.  This workshop deals with our need, as leaders most especially, for sacred companionship in the form of a spiritual friend, guide, mentor, or director in order to tend to the spiritual health of our soul.  (Wil Hernandez, Dir. of Community Formation, Evergreen Baptist Church of LA)

8.  “Re-imagining The Stories About Jesus”     –  The stories about Jesus from the gospels provide us with great snapshots of Jesus that can help us know Him better.  But these snapshots can be transformed into dynamic movies which reveal what happened before, during, and after the event captured in Scripture.  The workshop leaders from Iwa will share ways of re-imagining stories about Jesus which resonate culturally with the way in which Asian Americans perceive the world, relate to others, and experience life, and help all of us go deeper in our relationship with Him.  (Cyril Nishimoto and Stan Inouye, Iwa, Glendale, CA)

Please note!   Due to a change in his ministry situation, Jason Kim will not be able to attend the 2008 AALC to present this workshop.  Please do not select #9 as one of your workshop preferences on your registration form.  Thank you.       9.  “Personal Witness Training Workshop”     –  (Jason Kim, Assoc. International/Multi-Ethnic Evangl Team, NANB) 

10.  “Fight The Good Fight:  Helping Men In Their Struggle With Sexual Temptation”     –  Given our sex-saturated society and the accessibility of pornography on the internet, men today have greater challenges in maintaining integrity with their eyes, mind, and heart.  This workshop will cover the emotional dynamics beneath this struggle and offer some practical help to those who minister to men.  (Sam B. Leong, Licensed psychologist and licensed marital/family therapist, Christian Psychotherapy Services, San Francisco, CA)

11.  “Ready, Set, GO!!  Effective Tools For Preparing Couples For Marriage”     –  (Sam Leong, see above)

Note!   Workshop #12 has been cancelled.  Please consider taking workshop #1.     12.  “Worship Leading – Less Can Be More”     –  (Worship can be rich, heart-engaging, and life changing regardless of how small or great our human resources might be.  But whether you have a solo worship leader or full band, key planning, preparation, rehearsal, and leadership principles can make the difference.  We will work on both principles and techniquesto enrich the worship experiences we lead.  (Peter Lum, worship leader at CrossWinds Church, Dublin, CA, MESA Board Member)  This workshop has been cancelled.

13.  “Preparing To Church Plant”     –  (Wayne Ogimachi, Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Church, Bellevue, WA)

14.  “Navigational Youth Work:  Distinctive Challenges of Asian American Youth Ministry”     –  Within Asian American youth ministry there are unique challenges that we face as youth workers.  This workshop will be a conversation examining the intersections of faith, culture, and some insights on how to navigate through some of the challenges.  We will look at some models of ministry and also some biblical reflection on a broader call to minister inter-generationally.  Come with open hearts (or broken hearts) for some encouragement, insight, and sharing.  (Peter Ong, Pastoral and Laity Ministries, New York)

15.  “Discovering Asian Cultural (Confusianistic) Influences in Asian American Churches”     –  Discovering Confucianistic practices, comparing them with Scripture, and finding ways to address them.  (Sheryl Takagi Silzer, Intercultural Consultant, Wycliffe Bible Translators (Monterey, CA), adjunct Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, CA)

16.  “Overcoming Small Group Challenges In Asian American Culture”     –  Culture matters.  But to what extent does our Asian American culture help or hinder the development of healthy and vibrant small groups?  If you want to help your church develop a stronger small group ministry, join us as we discuss ways we can overcome five main challenges in Asian American churches.  (Nancy Sugikawa, Pastor of Empowerment, Lighthouse Christian Church, Bellevue, WA)

Please note!   Workshop #17 has been cancelled.   Please consider taking workshops #20 or #21.   17.  “Cross Cultural Mission Exposure And Experience Just For Pastors”     –  Pastors will learn about a flexible and customized mission program that provides excellent cross-cultural mission experience in Brazil or Japan.  Its flexible so pastors can go when they can (ie. a sabbatical) and is customized to fit what the pastors would like to offer and learn from hands on experience.  (Sam Tonomura, Exec. Dir. of JEMS and John Katagi, Dir. of Mission Development, JEMS, and pastor of Japanese American Christian Chapel)  Workshop #17 has been cancelled, please consider workshops #20 and #21.

18.  “More Than Serving Tea – A Look At The Gifts And Challenges Of Asian American Christian Women”     –  This workshop looks at the socio-historical journeys of Asian American Christian women and how this intersects with Christian faith.  Specifically, we’ll look at how this impacts women’s spiritual journeys, their participation in church/organizations, and their leadership development.  Highlights stories from various contexts:  Pakistan, Hmong, Filipino, Korean, Chinese, First Nations-Hawaiian, Japanese.  (Nikki Toyama-Szeto, Co-Editor of “More Than Serving Tea,”  InterVarsity/USA)

19.  “Asian Americans and Multi-Ethnic Ministries:  More Than Right Theology Or Good Intentions”     –  (Greg Yee, Associate Superintendent, Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church)

20.  “Training And Mentoring National Pastors Of Influence To Disciple Their Own Nations”     –  Discover how to cultivate into your ministry God’s heart to disciple nations through the training of next-generation Third World leaders.  Hear how God moved a pastor from 30 years of church ministry into following God’s vision to participate in God’s global purposes through missions.  (Alan Ginn, Assoc. Dir. of East Asia, Leadership Resources International)

21.  “A New Face For Mission: Asian-Americans In 21st Century China”  –   Asian Americans who want to go to China that can identify their unique place as Asians raised or born in America can be helpful for advancing the Gospel in China.  This workshop will teach how to benefit those in China by understanding and sharing from their own unique Asian American experience.  Asian Americans can help the Chinese get a broader picture of what America is all about while introducing seeds for development of faith.  (Martha Chan, President of ERRC, Educational Resources and Referrals – China)

22.  “Generational Conflicts And Cross Cultural Insights ”  –   Parents and children, young and old, American-born and foreign-born – we have all seen and experienced conflicts within these groups.  What “culture” does each group represent?  How can cross-cultural understanding and skills give you handles in your communication style and approach?  Be prepared to share from your experience as well as to receive practical tips on what questions to ask, what attitudes to have, and what to pray for when facing these challenges.    (Lisa Espineli Chinn, National Director of International Student Ministries, InterVarsity/USA)

(Tuesday  3/25  1:30-2:45pm)  –   Workshops #4,  6,  7,  8,  10

(Tuesday  3/25  3:15-4:30pm)   –   Workshops #1,  11,  13,  14,  18

(Wednesday  3/26  8:30-9:45am)   –   Workshops #2,  3,  5,  15,  16,  19,  20,  21,  22


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