Comments from 2008 AALC attendees


“I just wanted to say thanks for putting on a quality event, for having the vision and the willingness to execute something to this scale.  I hope there will be many more in the near future.”

“Thank you again for spear-heading such an important and refreshing conference.  It was a good time to connect with old friends and make new ones, and gain an appreciation for what is happening in the Asian American church community as a whole.”

“I wanted to affirm the blessings I received from the AALC 2008 Conference.  You guys put on a great program and the spirit of serving us was evident all around: the food provided, the relevant workshops and main speakers, and the free counseling sessions.   This is one conference I would always put on my schedule to attend.”

“It is so important for all the Asian American leaders to get together, and what you do is so vitally important to all of us.”

“Thanks for planning and coordinating a great AALC!”

“Thank you again for all your hard work in putting this awesome conference together.  I was very blessed!”

“This conference was so encouraging for me as a graduating undergrad senior.  I was so blessed and honored to learn and worship beside all these Asian American leaders from around the nation. . . . .  broke down so many barriers that I am used to perceiving between generations in the A/A church.  Thank you so very much!”



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